Money Saving Tips While Traveling

When it comes to most things, you get what you pay for and a vacation is definitely an example of that. In fact, that is what we at Onsite Travel are all about! Therefore this post will not be about “crazy cheap rates” and other ways to buy downmarket, but instead getting the best bang for your buck.

Of course, saving money on vacation will always depend on where you’re traveling but here are a few general tips when traveling abroad:

  • Finding the right card
    • As mentioned in the previous article, Pre-Vacation Planning: Getting Your Affairs in Order, some credit card companies charge fees for foreign transactions, usually ranging between 2-5%, depending on the company. See which company has the lowest fees (or, better yet, none at all) for using their card in the country you are traveling to.
  • Get local currency ahead of time
    • Transferring money over to local currency at airports and hotels often has a larger transaction fee than if you were to do the transfer back home. Make a list of all the countries you plan to visit as well as an estimated spending budget for each place to transfer to local currency to save on transactions. Remember, even if you plan to use a card for most of your transactions, having cash on you can always come in handy.

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In reference to Thanksgiving there is no Adventure of the Month as here in the U.S. November is very much a time to be with family. We spend the day eating and bonding with relations both as a celebration of thankfulness and preparation for elbowing our way through Black Friday sales. Winter is coming….

Happy Thanksgiving!

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