Travel Experiences Part 2

This blog post will actually be consisting of two separate posts; Part 1 being about my first travel experience and Part 2 being about my younger brother Kanoa’s.
James and I

Part 1 available here.

I believe many people wish to travel, to see the world, and experience new things. After all, its why we’re in business. However, not all travelers are looking for the same type of experience. My brother, Kanoa, and I are a very good example of this. Our “future travel plans” were a popular childhood discussion and it was never a question of if we would travel it was simply a matter of where and when. What we dreamed of as kids was very very different. Kanoa wanted to go to Asia to see the mountains, the forests, the foods, different cultures, and explore out of the way places that couldn’t be found anywhere else. I wanted to go to Europe to see the museums, architecture, and more established cities. Each time the subject came up, we would each question each other’s line of reasoning. To him, I could google pictures and save the airfare and to me he could do the same and be safer.
20171022_211300835Our thoughts on travel haven’t really seemed to change much over the years, although we both quickly realized when we were older that our dreams had been bigger then our wallets. Although both of us still have a checklist of more exotic (and expensive) places we wish to travel, our first adventures have remained a bit tamer and closer to home. My brother went on a group tour of South America when he was 18 with G Adventures (formerly Gap). It was a real walking in the jungle and jumping off of cliffs into hot springs kind of deal and he loved it! He didn’t know anyone and had never been to any of the countries he visited. I didn’t try vacationing without my family until I was 21. I went on a cruise with my boyfriend, James, that traveled to Mexico and Central America. Very different, albeit pleasant, experiences overall.

Travel with Kanoa

When asked about booking and planning a trip, Kanoa assured me that it was a Kanoafairly quick process as it wasn’t exactly rocket science to find a tour company online. From there it was a matter of packing and booking flights. He wasn’t worried about what might go wrong and “didn’t care” that he wouldn’t know anyone he was traveling with. If he didn’t hit it off with anyone, he was fine doing things by himself. For Kanoa, this trip was about the adventure.

Land Tours: Adventure Awaits You!

20171022_211332891Kanoa was able to work with our agency and find a company that sold group tours online and selected one within his budget that was leaving in a few weeks. He assured me that he wasn’t nervous leading up to the trip, though he did get a bit concerned after his flight was delayed and he arrived a full day later than everyone else. He wasn’t sure how to find his group or even his ride from the airport would be there. Luckily, his ride was there and knew where to take him.
Kanoa, as it turned out, wasn’t the only one traveling alone and everyone in his tour group was really sociable. He ended up meeting people from all over the world as some in the group were from New Zealand, Australia, Norway, tube (2)Canada, and the UK. The younger people in particular hit it off. Throughout their tour of South America, the group went on a fair amount of interesting outings. They visited a town named Panajachel which Kanoa described as having a real “hippie” vibe. It had a tunnel covered in artwork that lead to a meditation garden! They went hiking through a jungle,temple tubing through a cave system in Guatemala (where each person was treated to their own personal swarm of mosquitoes apparently), and relaxed in a swimming hole with a hot water fall. A local boy offered to show them where the waterfall starts and led them to a pool of water forming from a hole in the mountain. At the base of the pool was mud that the boy explained was very mineral rich and used to make expensive mud masks. He said they could try and put some on their faces if they’d like, and Kanoa did, though he still has the sneaking suspicion that the boy was playing a prank on them. The tour also took them through a few Mayan sites, which were “beautiful”. Kanoa particularly enjoyed the ones they temple2could scale and walk through themselves. However, his favorite part of the trip (and the one that inspired the tattoo he got when he came home) was the group’s day at Caye Caulker; a small island off the coast of Belize. He explained that what made the experience so pleasant was the fact that they got to spend an entire day on a boat. They ate, sailed, and swam with manta rays and “nice” sharks.20171022_211333486
When asked about his experience as a whole, Kanoa said that it was a good trip that he thoroughly enjoyed. He has done a few other trips since then with family and friends but plans to go on another solo adventure when he saves up the money. Asia is next on his list; particularly Cambodia or Thailand. If this describes you then maybe land tours or a group trip may be the ideal for you. It is interesting, active, and adventurous! Life is an adventure. Let us help you find yours!


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